The energy of the plants

Ayurvedic herbal regimen and remedies for Pregnancy and Labor 

Natural Herbs


Medicinal plants are pure food for our tissues: they do act on us on a subtle level.

Their action is selective and precise: they act as a catalyst, connecting directly with those areas of your body and mind that needs to be reached quickly.

Ayurveda classifies plants based on their action, energy and on the structures and functions they act upon.

Each gestational phase can be supported by a different set of single herbs of preparation, right from the moment Life attaches itself onto your womb.


The positive impact of the Ayurvedic herbal regimen on pregnancy and childbirth prepares you to enter the postpartum period (Sacred Window). 


Chinese Medicine


  • Written intake prior our first session

  • 45 min Ayurvedic Herbal & Supplementation consultation

  • Herbal Regimen for womb care and childbirth for your gestational phase

  • best selection of oils based onto your Ayurvedic constitution 

70 euros*


Alternative Medicine


Herbal remedies, teas and oils are customised and made ready to use based on your gestational phase.

Quotation available under request

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