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Embracing changes

Your Pregnancy is unique. My intention is to support your chosen Path, moment by moment.

Pregnant Woman in Nature

The profound transformation that you are experiencing requires an adjustment: lifestyle, nutritional choices, physical and emotional care have to meet your new discovered needs. As time goes by, the connection with your baby strengthen as well as the space they occupy in your thoughts and life.


A different set of needs and desires emerge together with a new YOU.

I wish you to feel inspired and welcome to explore the weeks of your pregnancy with curiosity as they unfold.


For this reason I crafted for you six different Path: they are all unique in their way of nurturing you and your baby.

You can choose one path and walk it all the way or let them intertwine: exactly as Life's paths naturally do.


Each Path is meant to offer you opportunities of care.

Each Path has an eye on both you and your baby's wellbeing.

Bath Salts

Prenatal Massage 

Anytime from week 13 until your give birth 

Image by Daiga Ellaby

Birth Preparation

Anytime from the second trimester 

Squash Soup

Prenatal Nutrition & Guidance

Anytime from week 5 

Hand on Bump

Birth Doula

Anytime you feel ready to walk this Path

Medicinal Herbs

Herbal Remedies

Anytime from week 5 until you give birth


Rebozo & Rituals 

Anytime after week 13 

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