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Rebozo Closing Ritual

Sealing the emotional and physical body to start a new stage of your life.

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This traditional ritual is performed minimum 6 weeks after birth and 8 weeks after C-section and it is more than a physical treatment.

Known for its healing capacity of closing energetically the body after birth and declaring as over the nurturing yet challenging phase of postpartum. Meant to honour and celebrate the new mother that closes the period of pregnancy and postpartum and enters the next stage of her life, it is seen as Rite of Passage.


It includes:

  • preparation of the space and cleansing tea

  • guided meditation

  • sharing of the birth story and postpartum experience

  • rebalancing oil massage or acupressure

  • warm scented bath (if present at home or foot bath as alternative together with shower)

  • rebozo sealing ritual

  • warming chocolate spiced milk and closing


The ritual is possible after vaginal birth, cesarean, VBAC in any moment the woman feels ready for it (even a few years after).

The ritual is beneficial also in other stages of life when important changes have happened and we feel ready to move forward and be rebirth.

You are welcome to bring anyone you would like to have as support during the ritual: it can be a close friend, a sister or your mom. In case you would like not to be accompanied in this moment is also fine, be sure the baby is taken care of in that moment.

Length: 2.5 hours

250 euros **

** All prices are inclusive 21% VAT (BTW) and are valid until the 31st December 2021. Commuting fee applies for session given at your household. Further customisation is available upon request: the extra hours (exceeding 2.5 hours) will be billed at hourly rate of 50 euros incl. 21% VAT (BTW)

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