Doula is a Greek word that stands for "servant" while Ayus in Sanskrit means "that which is becoming" or "Life" as the ever changing force that ensures balance and self-healing.


The way I choose to serve Life is by sharing Ayurveda and Yoga timeless wisdom in a way that is individualised, nourishing, progressive and which empowers changes.


My approach takes into consideration our contemporary way of living, yet still preserving the authenticity of the tradition.


I am happy to offer my services in person or online,  both in English and Italian. 





Do you feel/experience.....

  • tired and lethargic upon waking up? 

  • sleepless nights? insomnia?

  • stress/chronically tired/burned out?

  • cravings?

  • difficulty in loosing/keeping on weight? 

  • emotional or overwhelmed at times?

  • tummy ache/ irregular bowels /gassy/bloated? 

  • headache? 

  • cold, congestion, fever?

  • allergy/hay fever?

  • SI joint syndrome, disc herniation, sciatica, osteopenia, osteoporosis?

  • hormonal imbalances?

  • chronic or autoimmune conditions?

  • discomfort due to pregnancy/would like dietary and lifestyle support to have an healthy pregnancy and more balanced labor?

  • interest in preparing for yourself a nest for the postpartum period?

  • nothing at all just want to know more about how to prevent illness?

Ayurveda is the best way to regain balance or detoxing trough a combination of nutritional and lifestyle advises.  

Do you feel/experience...

  • stress/chronically tired/burned out? 

  • restlessness in the mind, anxiety, fear, irritability or anger?

  • loneliness, sadness or depression?

  • lower back ache/pain in the sacral area, upper shoulders, stiff or painful neck?

  • SI joint syndrome, disc herniation, sciatica, osteopenia or osteoporosis

  • Rheumatoid arthritis or osteoarthritis? 

  • chronic condition or an autoimmune disease? 

  • high blood pressure, asthma, respiratory or cardio-circulatory conditions? 

  • recovering from cancer or a debilitative condition?

Yoga Therapy is the answer!

Ayurvedic treatments may be advised to complement your plan.

Are you pregnant and looking for...

  • preparation and (in person/online) support during labor and birth? 

  • guidelines to create your own postpartum retreat at home?

  • Ayurvedic care for the postpartum window?

Birth and Postpartum care is something that more and more women are seeking to experience these transformative times with more awareness and groundedness.

Do you feel/experience....

  • heavy/painful menstruation?

  • scanty/irregular/absent menstruation?
  • endocrine conditions (hypo/hyperthyroidism, Hashimoto)?
  • painful sexual intercourse/low libido?
  • uterine growth, myoma, PCOD? 

  • vaginal (yeast) infections, discharges/herpes?

  • bladder infections (cystitis)?

  • trouble in conceiving/fertility procedures?

  • miscarriages/abortion?

  • hot flashes/(peri) menopause?

Ayurveda has supported Women's Health for millennia while Yoga Therapy applies the ancient wisdom of yoga with a solid scientific background. 

A synergistic approach works best most of the time!

Still in doubt? Curious about a synergistic approach?

Choosing a Doula has to do with your gut feelings: you will know if you feel at ease around me and if you can trust me. No better way to sit and explore together your wishes and thoughts, addressing your doubts and questions while we get personal. Investing time in the relationship is important for me so I warmly invite you to...


Yoga Therapy

Birth &


Online Support



Birth Support


Birth Support




Birth Support

Ombretta has helped us with the birth of our daughter Olivia. We had unfortunately a quite difficult labour and delivery and she has been a fundamental help for both me and my husband to keep positive, relax, support with love and kindness and great massages and posture help...
I recommend her to everyone and especially expats that don’t know a lot about the system in the Netherlands. She’s a great complementary help to the midwives throughout all the journey of pregnancy, because they have at the same time too many pregnancies to take care of while Ombretta is fully dedicated to you.
Thank you Ombri!


Birth Support

Ayu Doula, has been a fantastic experience for my wife and me. In all phases of the journey we felt protected and supported. We strongly reccoment their service and will surely use it again if we will have another child


Ayurvedic Pregnancy Consultations

I am in the 7th month of my pregnancy. I've started working with Ombretta from month 3. She is very knowledgeable, has a deep understanding of Ayurveda and a lot of experience with supporting women during pregnancy, birth and postpartum period. Her guidance is very tailored to me and the needs of my body and my growing baby. Following the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda and Ombretta's advices on lifestyle, books and courses, food and supplemental intake, so far I've been able to make well-informed choices, stay active, healthy and happy. I can completely trust her and would recommend her to all my pregnant girlfriends.

Thank you Ombretta for being there for me.


Birth Support

Ombretta was essential to the birth of our daughter. We've learned that bringing a new life into the world is not always easy (our daughter was a bit stuck) - in that case you need strong, professional support. If the delivery is easy (lucky you) - you'd probably still like that intimate moment to share with a lovely person deserving of being there. Ombretta is both.


Ayurvedic Consultations


I wasn't feeling emotionally and physically balanced in my life and I was having lots of digestive issues for very long time. Through gentle, easy and very progressive changes in my lifestyle and in the way I eat, I can say I already feel much happier and healthier. Feeling really grateful for that. Ombretta makes the teachings of Ayurveda accessible, luminous and not overwhelming. She is compassionate and she shares her precious knowledge generously. I highly recommend her.

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